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I finally succumbed to the coloring book trend:

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Middle Shelf

In the Background: The Geography of Loss (small art quilt,framed)
3/18/2012 Cocoon.

Left to Right: almost hidden, folk angel, tin on wood; little book of poems of Emily Dickinson in front of a bottle which lay for many years beneath the sea; odd little fertility sculpture; Black Baby Jesus in Manger I use every Christmas with clay creche, in front of dried seahorse clinging to sea twigs; pine circle cut by Kai from the bottom of a Christmas tree, in front of naked male Chinese doll I found in the mud of a stream soon to be flooded in China, now wearing Santa hat I forgot to remove after Christmas, in front of the blue cloisonne cigarette holder belonging to my parents, probably a wedding present; tiny twig tree with colored lights in front of clay bottle; brass lady dinner bell my mother used to ring at the dining table in St. Louis, 1930's, to summon the kitchen maid, on top of part of a disintegrated whale bone; red clay chimera (?) fashioned by Jorie in Grade school; twin of encrusted bottle on left, with peacock feather; Now We Are Six, favorite childhood book of poems by A.A.Milne.

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