Sunday, September 20, 2009

Underwater Flight

Yes, another mermaid...fleeing the fisherman's net.

Framing always eludes me. First I was taught that the frame is supposed to match the painting owner's decor. Okay, but do you want your painting in the wrong home? Then, it was 'what the heck, forget the frame - they're too expensive anyway'. But what about work on paper, cardboard, and the backs of old utility bills? (Well, it happens!) Retail framing costs lots. Hunting for frames secondhand takes time and they're never the right size or fit for your current work. I'm not even sure my judgment is any good regarding framing. It would be fun to take a class in it though.

I kinda like this one:

1 comment:

DennyDome said...

yeah cool frame, the coral is a nice touch.

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