Thursday, October 15, 2009

Card Tricks

I've been playing with the idea of a personal deck of cards ever since my fascination with the Tarot in the 80's.  Now there's Soul Collage but I don't want to hop on that exactly either.  I'm still not sure how I want to organize suits, size or anything.  But here are some images with related ideas - all about ME, of course!

First there 's The Magic Tunic.  When I wear it I have all sorts of Shamanic Powers.  (It's done with Photoshop magic.  Be sure to click/enlarge this one.  It makes a BIG difference!)

This is The Lovers, (a collage made from a larger screen print with printer, scissors and patience.)

And this is the Ultimately Feminine Iris, goddess and flower. (Originally a painting.)

More to be dealt, I'm sure.


jojo said...

I have Photoshop Elements and would love to learn to use it. What do you recommend? Know of any online courses?
Love the tunic!

Noel (with two dots over the "e") said...

I have the book Photoshop Elements 6 for Mac. Never have mastered online tutorials. I find it easier to read the book rather than switching back and forth between the tutorial and the software.

jojo said...

I'm getting the book then. Thanks.

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