Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun Things a la La Fazio

This is a monoprint using a gelatin mold as a printing plate. You make a stiff clear jello mixture and let it set up in a shallow pan; smear water-based printing ink or paint on it, make marks in the paint or lay down a stencil - I lightly pressed and removed some crinkled packing paper onto this one - lay your blank paper over it and press gently onto the painted surface. Lift the paper, and voila la La! Repeat similar moves with different colors. (This one has inspired me to do a "cocoon series".)

Next one: Make crayon rubbings on paper over anything: coins, corrugated cardboard, anything engraved or embossed with a design. Paint over that with watercolors.  I divided the space into blocks, but you can do it a variety of ways.

These are merely two techniques of many taught by Jane La Fazio in her Mixed Media with Paper and Cloth Classes.  Ooooh, la La!

Now for the best (?) part:  You tear these masterpieces up and make collage paper pieces out of them.  If I ever can bring myself to do that, the results will appear here.  (I have a phoenix-y sort of thing in mind...)

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