Sunday, May 2, 2010

Art Alive SDMA

Sketched at Art Alive today before we were so sweetly interrupted by a lovely woman museum attendant who informed us we need a 'sketching permit' and can only use pencil or crayon - no ink or watercolor brush, not even the water-containing brushes which need no spillable liquid.  Too bad.  No photos either, even without flash.  It's a hard life.

The Art Alive flower exhibit has some lovely pieces.  This one won second prize.  I had time to color in the background painting and my idea was to superimpose the flower arrangement in ink on the spot.  When things came to a halt I had to hastily pencil it in and failed to do it justice later at home, but the experience is recorded!

1 comment:

Jane LaFazio said...

oh wow, Noel, I love this. even without the PERMIT!

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