Monday, July 16, 2012

Plein Air at Marion Bear

Started a plein air class this morning.  Never done one before. The nice teacher, Catherine Grawin, describes herself as an "oils vs. acrylics snob".  Seems like maybe half the class is using acrylics, including me.  After the introductions and lecture and setting up we had about an hour and a half to paint.  Next week we go to San Elijo Lagoon and get an early start.  I like plein air better than I thought I would. Especially the part about finishing a painting in one sitting.  Maybe I'll try the Golden brand  "open body" acrylics which are supposed to be more like using oils, with a smoother, slower drying consistency.  Here's my first effort:

Marion Bear Park

1 comment:

Holle said...

So beautiful Momi, I want to go sit there.

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