Friday, November 27, 2009

The Lady, or The Tiger?

You remember the story, right?  Princess Whatshername, the mean King's daughter, fell in love with a commoner so the King made him decide which door to open.  Behind one door was a Lady, behind another was a Tiger.  If he opened the Lady Door he had to marry her, even though he loved another.  If he opened the Tiger Door, well, you know.  Before he chose which one to open the young man looked at his lover for guidance.  She knew which was which and gestured toward one door.  There the story ends.  Since 1882 people have been guessing whether she gave her lover to the tiger or to another woman for life.  I don't know either. But in my version he opened the red door, the Lady came out riding the Tiger, the Princess fainted and the Tiger ate the King.  You want me to paint WHAT?

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