Friday, July 10, 2009


I have been having a shameless and inappropriate affair with Rick-rack. I tried to surround the elephant with it and the class screamed NO!! Then I tried it on the Chinese Magpie Cafe and got thumbs down consensus, especially from the cute framer at Aaron Bros. who couldn't figure out what the 'H' I was thinking, let alone what it was. And here I am standing with a hank of it in my hand, searching for...what?

When my mother was teaching me to sew back in the dark ages before Michael and Jo-Ann, (the stores - those aren't the names of my children) rick-rack seemed to be the only embellishment available for a girl of tender years. When you get really old you tend to look gently upon your tender years, no matter how stupid you may have looked.

Okay, now I'm begging for approval of one last kiss before I return to the sane world of beads, ribbons and trinkets. The rick-rack really belongs to these paper-cuts (please!) doesn't it?


Jo said...

Thumbs UP! Just do it!

Holle said...

YES!!!!You have found your rick-rack comfort zone. Very cool Momi.
I love you and can't wait to see you. Maybe you and the girl grandchild can be the rick-rack-attack-pack together!The pack motto could be "If it don't move,rick-rack it, and if it moves, rick-rack till it don't move no more."

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