Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scenes from a Sketchbook

These remind me of the places where I drew them even more than photos. I can feel the sun and breeze on the spot where I stood and remember some of the people who walked by as I was sketching - even the birds who flew by too fast to get into the picture!

I like my old sketches, but I really want to start recording small, colorful things as well.

I've made up a watercolor kit with the waterbrush from Jane's Journaling class and tube paints I squeezed into the empty spaces of a teeny travel palette. For now I'm going to fit two 6" sq. sketchbooks in my purse. One for scenery and another for objects. Heavier, but...

...what the heck. One shoulder's already lower than the other!


Jo said...

Then wear it on your higher shoulder for a while:)

Holle said...

Soon you won't have a shoulder to carry on.
Hire me as your personal assistant to the artist.
Kiss, hug,

Holle said...

Oh and I LOVE your sketches very much!

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