Sunday, July 12, 2009


Yesterday I got reacquainted with my mat cutter which has been collecting lint in the garage next to the dryer. It took me twice as long to figure out its language than it did the first time several years ago. (Senior artists can relate). When we finally got past acknowledging my lack of mechanical savvy we made friends again and had fun matting an edition of six prints.

This version of "merm" comes from an Athenaeum silk screen class taught by Amber George, who is into encaustic and monoprinting. I want to take another class from her. She's a gentle, fun, knowledgeable and helpful teacher as well as an enjoyable lunch companion!

"merm"s original form is the acrylic painting living in my bathroom with the other mermaids. I painted her laying a spray of fish-like eggs in the water. People kept embarrassing her by assuming she was peeing. In the silk screen version the eggs have all grown up and swum away. Swam? Swum? Whatever.


Approachable Art said...


Jo said...

Amber from our soy wax class - cool!

Noel - you amaze me with your talent!

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