Monday, June 22, 2009

Whaddya Think?

Ric-Rac? No Ric-Rac? (Click to enlarge)
"The Chinese Magpie Cafe"


Holle said...

Hi Momi,
I like the one with NO rick-rack, It's simply perfect.
Blog on Mama! I love this!!!
I Love you,

Jo said...

And I like the "rickrack" one:) Please tell me how you did this.


Noel (with two dots over the "e") said...


You cut two mats (or have them cut) one with a larger opening than the other with a "spacer" glued between them (like a strip of two thicknesses of foam board). Then you fasten the ric-rac to the bottom mat with half of it showing. The reason I did this is the birds bodies are 3-D (cotton balls underneath to puff them out), so the glass of the eventual frame has to be raised to accommodate the birds!

Plain Jane said...

Looks like Holle should get the deciding vote! This piece is sooo great. such wonderful color.

oh JoJo, Noel did this one in my class too! :-)

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