Sunday, June 21, 2009

You Bloggers, you know who you are!

Now, come on, Jane LaFazio, et al, what do you pay the Blog Fairy? Does she come in the night with Snow White's bird troupe and blow pixie dust on your computers? I heard you mention you "have a life", but how is this possible? Amid all the creating of art, photographing it, writing about it and posting it, I whirl. Just let me have my morning coffee, read the Sunday paper, watch CBS Sunday Morning, check my email, groom me... Aw, just gimme her URL. Is it blogfairy dot com? Then come back to find out about your swell Art Journal Workshop yesterday at the lovely Art & Soul Studio in Point Loma.


Plain Jane said...

Good Morning dearest Noel!! I LOVE your blog!! Ask the blog fairy to post your circus series and the dragon skin book too!
It was lovely having you in yesterday's workshop.....your drawings were gorgeous. Oh, and post those too, please???

Jo said...

What workshop did I miss? Boo hoo-zers!

I wanna see your circus series!

And I don't know how you all do the blog thing. I can barely think of something semi-intelligent to write in your comment section - heavy sigh.

Davielle aka Princess Magpie said...

Noel, Noel, Noel (with two dots over that "e". I am THRILLED that you have joined "us" bloggers. Your blog is just every bit as delightful as YOU are, my dear. This is going to be SO fun, watching your "grow" as a blogger. I miss you -- Love, Davi (from Jane's classes this year ...)
AND YES, post the circus series and the elephant.

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