Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three More

Here are three products of Jane's Paper and Cloth classes. She teaches (at least) one new technique in every session which inspires me to use a unique approach and subject matter for each project.

The Little Mermaid wound up as the cover for a moleskine sketchbook. I photo'd the original collage, cut to size and glued it on with (what else?) matte medium.

The Cave Painter is paper collage on cloth, floating on a black gesso canvas textured with molding paste. I always have to explain my "back to the future" joke: if you look verry carefully (click to enlarge) you'll see the artist has painted the Mona Lisa on the cave wall. The murky figure in the background is his wife holding their kid. Keep looking...

The Scarecrow in the Cornfield with Pumpkins is sort of a "boo". I don't much care for it, but we were experimenting with gel transfers (the pumpkins) and I had to use 'em somehow. It's all fun!


Jo said...

LOL Noel - in my eye the cave painter looked like an abstract goldfish until I clicked on it. I love it.

Holle said...

I actually really like the boo too.
I wanna go tofun classes with youuuuuuu, boo whoooooooooooooo too.
Luv u

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